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Blog: We Are Top Of The League, Say We Are Top Of The League

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I went to THE FOOTBALL last night, to see The Posh at Brentford. I've not been to see them for a few years now, since a HORRENDOUS display on Boxing Day when they lost 5-1 at home, but things had apparently changed quite a lot since then, so I met my brother Thomas in South Ealing and we HIKED to Griffin Park. There we met Mr P Myland in a state of BEER and proceeded to wander round THREE of the FOUR pubs that surround Brentford's ground. I've heard it said SEVERAL times that it is the ONLY ground in the country that has a pub on each corner, and this is only SORT OF true. It has pubs on TWO corners, and pubs OPPOSITE the other two, which isn't quite the same. I guess "the only ground with four pubs really quite close by" isn't quite as impressive.

Mileage's brother arrived, we stood around going "No, HOW OLD did you say you are?" a bit more, and then in we went, pausing only to say "EIGHTEEN QUID? To stand up?" It's a LOT!

The game was GRATE - I always forget how much FUN it is, also how DAFT, with the entire crowd regularly getting distracted from the game (which, after all, WAS very much fourth division standard) when they start singing. BEST ones were the CLASSIC "I'm telling you, support the blue" (whatever it's called - the Posh SINGLE!), shouting "LEWIS!" (like Inspector Morse) at our goalie (who is called Lewis), and BRILLIANTLY a chant of "Tracksuits from Matalan" at a little bunch of Brentford supporters stood nearby who'd tried shouting something at us beforehand.

It was all a LOT of LARFS, probably helped by the fact that We Are Top Of The League (we sung that A LOT) and so everybody was VERY over-excited. It was actually quite a lot like the last couple of gigs I'd been to - quite crowded and full of people my age or older having a lovely time on a couple of beers. The main difference was that it was a LOT easier to squeeze through the crowd to get to the LOO than it had been at The Roundhouse.

In the end we WON 2-1 and so stood around for five minutes singing and, occasionally, dancing. On the way home me and Thomas kept saying things like "Ooh, let's go to a home game! What London teams have we got in League One next year then?" It'll probably be ANOTHER few years before I go again, once I've settled down a bit, but you never know.

posted 12/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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That's very close to where I used to live (nearer Northfields than South Ealing tube)). Only time I ever went to the ground was to see Chris T-T do a gig in the bar with Attila the Stockbroker, David Rovics and Ron Johnson. Only time in London I've ever walked to a gig from home.
posted 12/3/2008 by John Kell

I wouldn't normally cheer on a club arbitrarily bankrolled by a gajillionaire, but in this case it's the Franchise or the deep blue sea. And seeing as it's you... C'mon Poshies!
posted 12/3/2008 by Pete Green

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