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Blog: Fly My Beauties, FLY!

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Just back from the post box, where i released into the world the penultimate batch of promo singles. By HECK we're sending out a LOT this time - OK, i know eighty isn't many for STING or somebody, but for Artists Against Success and its limited CA$H POT (my bank account) it is MANY, especially when you're posting HEFTY seven inch singles!

The last few to do are being delivered by HAND to The BBC this evening and then that's it, all we have to do is sit back and wait to have a Massive Global Hit Record! In case anyone fancies listening out (and blimey, if you DO hear the single anywhere, do please let me know), here's the radio stations we've sent it to are (deep breath) BBC Local stations (On The Wire on BBC Lancashire, PMS on BBC Merseyside, Gobstopper on BBC Tees, Raw Talent on BBC Humber/Sheffield, The Beat on BBC Nottingham, Northern Uproar on BBC Newcastle, The Download on BBC Oxford), BBC Scotland, Phoenix Radio, BBC Wales, Xfm Manchester, Xfm Scotland, Totally Wired on Juice FM, 6Music (Freak Zone, Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson, Marc Riley), Radio Two (Mark Radcliffe, Steve Lamacq), Radio One (Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Colin Murray, Annie Mac, Mary Anne Hobbes) and Interweb stations (Dandelion, Radio Crystal Blue, Kooba Radio, Radio Seagull). It's also gone to Sandman, Plan B, Rock 'N' Reel, NME, The Word and Record Collector, various fanzines and webpages, and a whole STACK of Indie Discos.

As ever, at the moment, I'm feeling more RELIEF that it's DONE than EXCITEMENT about what'll happen next, but hopefully that'll change if and when things start happening - let's hope so eh?

posted 13/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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I listen regularly to an american freeform station (on the interweb) called WFMU
which I think would be more than happy to receive a copy of yournew single. Give it a bash, I say.
posted 17/3/2008 by Doug

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