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Last night The Stylus In My Record Player and I went off on a MISSION, to complete the deliver of the Do The Indie Kid singles. I'd sent most of them off in the post earlier that day, but realised I could save myself at least a TENNER if I delivered the ones for Radio One and 6Music by hand. THUS we met for a swift pre-mission PINT then set off for Western House, home of the aforesaid 6Music.

When we arrived the Security Guy was A Little Arsey with us. "What am I supposed to do with these?" he said "We have no pigeonholes!" This was a bit ANNOYING - they'd not minded when I'd dropped stuff off before, and after all this WAS their address, how was I supposed to know what to do with them? This is one of the Frustrating Things about being a Proper Independent - there's all SORTS of things you could do with knowing that NOBODY will ever tell you, as it's the kind of KNOWLEDGE that is traded as POWER in the iniquitous dying world of The Record Business. Another good example: FESTIVAL BOOKINGS. I'd LOVE for us to play some festivals, but have little or NO idea how to go about it. It is ANNOYING!

Anyway, Security Guy then changed to being Very Helpful, Sort Of, in that he told us where we NEEDED to go to drop off our packages. "CPS!" he said "Go to CPS!" The Crown Prosecution Service? I was PEEVED, but not LITIGIOUS! I'm still not quite sure what he meant, but he gave us instructions on how to get there, then gave them again, then showed us on a map and said "You can't miss it!" We went out a bit confused by his strange shouty instructions and followed the map, missing the "Big window in a car park!" he'd told us about.

After a few walks back and forth however we DID find it - the courier drop off point for the BBC. It WAS indeed a big window, which you had to walk through a medium sized car park to get through, but once we got there we found a couple of VERY friendly chaps who were MORE than happy to take ALL of our packages off us. They were so nice we had to go and have another pint to celebrate! Maybe they don't get to see that many people?

So, if you ever need to drop some packages off for anyone in National BBC Radio (and who knows, maybe local or TV? The nice men said "Oh, you can give us anything for the BBC", so who knows?) and are in The London, then the Courier Drop-Off Point is in Riding House Street, at the end just before you get to Great Portland Street, and you have to walk through a little car park to find it. I offer up this offering to LORD GOOGLE as a INSIDER SECRET: TOLD. Take that, THE MAN!

posted 14/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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