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ere was FRENETIC activity over the weekend in aid of Projects Various, but mostly for My Exciting Life In ROCK. I'm planning to do the first BIT of it at tomorrow night's Totally Acoustic, so realised I'd best get on and start working out what it's meant to be, so after a LOT of THORT and pacing around the house, mumbling to myself, i decided to actually WRITE IT DOWN.

I was a bit nervous of this, as I don't want it to be WEIRD or PRETEND or anything, so went at it like i have done on the past two occasions when I have done public speaking i.e. Jim and Chris's weddings, and that seemed to feel OK. I've now got it worked out pretty much and am LARNING UP, and i must say am quite pleased/relieved about it. It's also given me MUCHO THORTS for how the REST of it is going to go... which is quite a BIG relief as we are now OFFICIALLY GOING!

YASS! On Sunday i logged into the Edinburgh Fringe site and between myself and Mr S Hewitt, got it all pretty much worked out. Here's the final BLURB for the programme:
The Indie legend brings his songs and stories of internet hits ('Hey Hey 16K'), Rolling Stone, Radio One, countless disasters and hundreds of ludicrous gigs. 'A national institution' - Word Magazine. 'Genius' - Steve Lamacq.

And yes - VERY MUCH YES - it did feel a bit WEIRD to have to describe myself as "Indie Legend", but i guess it has to be done if we want to get people IN. It all went swimmingly until I got to the PAYMENT when, after the money had gone through, I got a "FATAL ERROR" message... but a nice chap from the Fringe Office rang today and is apparently trying to sort it out, so HOPEFULLY that will be officially official, and we will be GO!

Next stop: FESTIVAL FLATS! We need to get one!

posted 17/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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GO edinburgh!!!
posted 17/3/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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