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Blog: Let's GO!

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The "Do The Indie Kid" singles went off at the end of last week and it looks like things are just beginning to OCCUR. We had our first radio play last Thursday on Phoenix FM in Scenic Brentwood, and last night had our second (as far as I know), this time on the marvellous Gobstopper show on BBC Teees - it's about 2 hours 20 minutes in if you a) want to Listen Again and b) are in a hurry, but I would VERY MUCH recommend the whole show, as it is ACE.

Meanwhile we got our first review, coincidentally the LAST review on To Hell With, which is sadly closing down. Here it is, IN FULL:
well this is it, my last ever review for tohellwith and i'm glad its a review of mj hibbett & the validators, as they're an example of one of the bands i would probably never have heard had it not been for this very organ. so this is a sad occasion, but it's very hard to be sad when you're listening to one of mr hibbett's compositions and
posted 18/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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