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I love Easter - it's like Christmas For Grown-Ups, you get LOADS of time off work (especially if, like me, you work for a University so get the Thursday and Tuesday off too) but you don't actually have to DO anything, so can LOAF around OR go and do thing YOU want to do. It is BLOODY GRATE!

THIS Easter got off to a good start yesterday with me catching my usual train into town and then instead of going to work heading NORTH, to picturesque DERBY. As it happened Producer Pattison was in London for a MEETING and we met upstairs on the platform and had a quick chat about production. Every few minutes I'd look over at the clock in front of the platforms to check I was OK for time... for about ten minutes, before I realised it had STOPPED, and had to RUN to get my train.

The journey was FINE (i listened to loads of WINGS!) and I got to the studio about TWO MINUTES before Robbie and THUS was PANICKING that he'd forgotten all about it and I'd have to stand in the rain for an HOUR before giving up and walking all the way back to the station and going home and... and then he arrived.

We had a BRILLO first couple of hours, when we did all the vocals for the four songs I was designated to Work On: We're Old And We're Tired (and we want to go home), It Only Works Because You're Here, Red Black Gold and All The Good Men. It all went VERY well - I got REALLY QUITE EXCITED after doing It Only Works Because You're Here - as I have been SEMI-seriously (i.e. VERY seriously, but pretending I'm not) to EVERYONE in the WORLD: that is THE HIT, that one is. I think it is GRATE, and we spent a while making sure it all sounded GOOD. I was especially CHUFFED that the GAPS worked really well - hopefully you'll hear what i mean when it is finally finished. Everything else went pretty easily, tho we did have to have a couple of goes at All The Good Men before it sounded all right.

By this point it was 2pm - Tim was coming in at about 5 o'clock so a) we had plenty of time and b) i wanted to make sure there was SOMETHING to do when he arrived and also c) i was ON HOLIDAY, so when Robbie said "What do you want to do know?" I suggested THE PUB.

And hour or so later we got back suitably refreshed and did my new BASS line for It Only Works Because You're Here. Due to the nature of the song Mr FA Machine and I had agreed to SWAP instruments, that it might sound a bit more FLOWERY than usual. Also, i LOVE playing the bass and so have been practicing it up and had a GRATE time doing it. Then it was Electrical Guitar on Red Black Gold, acousticals on the rest (featuring a STRANGE arrangement of microphones that looked like EITHER something really quite rude OR two large PENS touching each other's tips at right angles, which was ABANDONED after a while for A More Conventional Arrangement) and THEN some UKELELE. WHOO!

I'd JUST finished that when Tim came in and proposed an INTRO for Red Black Gold which, once tried out, sounded GRATE. At THIS point a FILM CREW came in (GLAMOUR!!) who had arranged to do some FILMING (it was a SCENE in a local FILM or something) so Tim and I extracted ourselves to the pub over the road for DISCUSSION for half an hour.

Upon our return there were some more electricals and then BOUNCING DOWN so we now HAVE those four songs ready for the others to use for PRACTICE for THEIR bits. We said our fond farewells and headed off, with Tim dropping me at the station for a DELIGHTFUL trip home - when i eventually GOT home i stayed up DEAD LATE (past eleven!!!!!) being WIRED with the EXCITEMENT of it all. It was a GOOD SESSION!

posted 21/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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