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Just a few slices of FACT to catch up on...

  • ITEM! I got an email the other day asking for permission for someone to do a cover version of Progamming Is A Poetry For Our Time. I had no problem saying "BUT OF COURSE!" for LO! it is BLOODY GRATE - have a listen, at and consider your agreement!

  • ITEM! As a couple of people have spotted, I've taken the May 1st gig in Nottingham OFF the GIGS page, as it looks like it's cancelled. This is EXTREMELY disappointing, as it was going to involved not only a Frankie Machine set, not only a Phil Wilson set, but ALSO us BACKING Mr Wilson on a couple of songs! I've only heard about this from Phil so far, so have emailed Sam The Promoter to a) check and b) offer my services as stand-in promoter on the day, so MAYBE it'll get un-cancelled. I HOPE so!!

  • ITEM! BUT there are NEW gig details ALSO on the GIGS page, including a rather SPECIAL night in LEICESTER on May 22nd when we'll be playing the The Deirdres and The Mai 68s. This, I think, will be BRILLIANT.
  • ITEM! If anybody WAS at The Battersea Barge gig, and took any photographs, could they let me know? There was a GRATE bit where loads of people suddenly RAN to the stage and started taking pictures of ME. It must have been ME they were photographing - the only other thing going on was Lola dancing The Indie Kid beside me, and surely a small child dancing is less interesting than a drunk me bellowing, right?

    posted 25/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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