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We're still EXCITINGLY ON SCHEDULE for the explosion of CORPORATE SYNERGY that is next month's CROSS MEDIA ATAK. Yesterday the posters for My Exciting Life In ROCK arrived, and rather SPECTACULAR they look too. This morning the flyers arrived, which allowed me a small bit of SHOWING OFF in the reception off our offices... which is always nice. This means the whole poster/flyer BIT is DONE - all we have to do now is cart them up to Edinburgh and hand them out!

Meanwhile Tim spent a large chunk of the past few days working hard on the artwork for the new single, It Only Works Because You're Here, which, after full checking and the addition of an apostrophe, has just been emailed to the manufacturers for checking. Getting the artwork DONE is a MASSIVE DEAL - it's usually BIG HASSLE and I'm currently on tenterhooks waiting to see what needs changing. Something nearly ALWAYS does - will it be the bleed? the CMYK/RGB? Maybe the DPI, or the TIF should be a PSD?

SIDEBAR! One of the many delightful side-effects of being as INDIE as what we are (i.e. pretty much totally) is the transferable skills one picks up along the way. I didn't get into bands to learn about printers' requirements (like everybody else, I did it to MEET GIRLS) nor indeed did I do it to learn about sound frequencies, video mixing, stereo panning, webpage design, setting up PA systems or booking function rooms or indeed DIPLOMACY, but it's nice to know I've got them available should they ever be needed.

Meanwhile Mr R Newman at Snug Studios has been MASTERING the actual MUSIC section. He'd finished it and posted it on Friday but it never arrived so, BLESS HIM, he re-did it yesterday and sent it registered post. It got here this morning and I'm listening through to it now - COR! He's done a RIGHT good job, even the home-recorded versions of Sod It, Let's Get Pissed and Professional, Competent, Rocking And Tight stand up well. Well done Robbie!

"Gosh, what a lot of ACTION - I suppose that's IT now then isn't it?" you may well ask. Well, NO, it isn't - Corporate Synergy being what it is there's PLENTY more that needs doing. I've just heard from those LOVELY people at Proper Distribution that they're willing to LIST the single for us, which means it'll be available on Amazon and all that, which is a BIG relief. I think that not having Do The Indie Kid available on the big sites when the vidoe was on the front of YouTube meant we lost a chance to get copies out to more people (although, clearly, having it only available on vinyl didn't really help either!!), so hopefully that'll make THAT work a bit better this time. I'll also need to send it off to Emubands soon to get it into iTunes and so forth.

And once all THAT's sorted out we've got the mailing list to sort out (oh yeah - Press Release writing, add that one to the CV!) and DO, before we can sit down and relax, safe in the knowledge that the only thing left to do THEN is, you know, actually PRACTICE the show itself. That bit: EASY!

posted 10/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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