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Blog: The New Look For Summer

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As is TRADITIONAL when we have a new release I've had a bit of a REDESIGN of the main webpage. Nothing too drastic this time, as I quite like the way it works at the moment!

In other news... er... well, not much right now, it's all a bit quiet today! I'm STILL looking for the first airplay of It Only Works Because You're Here - i know it's not OUT until next week, but it'd be nice to know someone had played it! Apart from that it's just a case of waiting around until a) RELEASE DAY on Monday b) Indietracks a week tomorrow and c) The Fringe the week after that, by which time I shall probably be looking back with YEARNING to a time when not much was going on.

AHA! But this reminds me of TWO things - first of all, if anyone's thinking of coming to see me in Marylebone tomorrow night I should mention that SUPERMAN REVENGE SQUAD are ALSO playing. I found this out the other night and am now EXTRA excited about the gig as a direct result!

Secondly, it looks like the Friday Night Show for Indietracks, where we'll be playing the full-band version of My Exciting Life In ROCK for the first and, possibly, ONLY time, will now be open to people who DIDN'T manage to get one of the first 100 tickets. It'll be 3 quid entry, and we MAY be playing it in the main tram shed instead of the church.

If this occurs then I'm hoping we'll be able to play it IN THE ROUND, rather than on the stage. If this goes ahead I would recommend anyone attending to bring CUSHIONS or BLANKETS or SOMETHING, as sitting on the concrete floor might be a bit cold!

posted 17/7/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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much more pleasing on the eye - now can you make the PopArt Digest one a little less vomit coloured too?
posted 18/7/2008 by Francis

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