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Edinburgh gets closer and closer, and we're booking me in for various extra SLOTS, in a bid to tell people about the show. I've got a regular spot at "Alcove 3" (which we think may be somewhere near the main box office) at 2.05pm, the "Lower Stage" on the Royal Mile at 3.50pm Monday-Thursday and the "Upper Stage" on the Saturday. I'm also hopefully doing at bit at "Pear Shaped Afternoons" on the Monday. BUSY!

But wait: BUSIER! Once I've finished the show itself on the Monday I'm getting a train to Glasgow to record a SESSION for Jim Gellatly's XFM show - if we include sessions as gigs (and I CERTAINLY DO), then this means I will be SMASHING all personal records and playing FIVE gigs in one day! FIVE! I'm going to be so busy there won't even be time to get drunk! QUELLE HORREUR!

It's all quite exciting, as is the fact that Indietracks is suddenly looming VERY large on the horizone. And in the midst of all this, some STRANGENESS: I got a text from Tim just before 1pm today to tell me that The Lesson Of The Smiths was being played on 6Music. I tuned in and LO! he was correct. But why? I Listened Again to the George Lamb show (which it was ON), and there it was. I mean, I'm not complaining, but it's a bit confusing - there's no explanation of WHY it's there, it just is!

posted 22/7/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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don't you worry baey, i'll make sure you don't get thirsty ;)
posted 23/7/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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