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A few bits and bobs to get things tidied up for next week:

ITEM! It Only Works Because You're Here is now available to buy from Amazon! HOOPLA! I know it says "temporarily unavailable" at the moment but I sent the CDs off this morning so it should be sorted out soon.

ITEM! I did an interview over the weekend which should be in the first issue of Three Weeks, the main periodical at The Edinburgh Fringe. This is RATHER exciting!

ITEM! I was rather FLABBERGASTED at the Pocketbooks gig last week to be approached by Sean "El Presidente" Fortuna Pop! bearing a compilation album featuring ME. It's the LONG awaited (original release date: September 2005) Fortuna Pop! Compilation "Be True To Your School", featuring highlights of their first 50 releases. I was flabbergasted because Sean's spent the last four years telling me I wasn't going to be on it, so the first I knew that i WAS was seeing Work's All Right (if it's a proper job) from the Work Is A 4 Letter Word EP in the tracklisting. Flabbergasted, also CHUFFED - I'm not sure when it's actually OUT, but when it is I would heartily recommend reading the booklet, especially if you were THERE for lots of it.

ITEM! A couple of changes on the GIGS page to alert you to: first of all, I'm now NOT busking in "Alcove 3" at Edinburgh all week next week, but I WILL be playing at the Lower Stage on the Royal Mail at 3.50pm from Monday to Thursday and on the Upper Stage at 3.30pm on Saturday. SECOND of all, we've just booked what will be the first Validators LONDON gig for nearly six months, at The Buffalo Bar on September 18th. It will, I think, be FUN.

I think that's it for the minute - NOW for some pre-festival IRONING!

posted 29/7/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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