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Blog: Greetings from Edinburgh!

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Hello from The Fringe! Sorry for the lack of updates this week, it's all GO and I've not had much time to get on the interweb. I AM writing up every day, so there'll be a mass BLURT of blog entries sometime soon, but here's the quick reports:

  • ITEM! Frankie's stag do was GRATE - we drank beer, camped in a tent, and faced down a RAGING BULL.
  • ITEM! I got to Edinburgh FINE, our flat is very nice, there have been many LIE-INS.
  • ITEM! First show went off pretty well - I FLUFFED a bit but otherwise OK, hoping for a review tomorrow.
  • ITEM! BUSKING yesterday didn't happen because they gave me the wrong time - I DID busk this afternoon, and tho I don't think it'll have made many people come to the show it DID make some small children DANCE. If anybody fancies coming I'm next on the Lower Stage at 3.10pm on THURSDAY, then the upper stage at around the same time on SATURDAY.
  • ITEM! I did an interview with Mr Steve Lamacq yesterday about the show... and MAY be on again later in the week...
  • ITEM! I went to GLASGOW last night to record a session for Mr Jim Gellatly, which should be on around 8pm tonight on XFM Scotland. After sending him CDs for ten years, it was VERY nice to finally meet him!
  • ITEM! That's about it i think - if anybody's up at The Fringe we're on at Medina & Negociants (opposite the Pleasance Dome) from now until Saturday night at 6pm. Do pop in if you can!

    posted 5/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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