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Blog: Edinburgh: STILL ROCKING

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Hello from The Athens Of The North! Sorry again for the lack of updates, i AM writing daily reports but can't quite get connected to post them yet. STILL, it's all going LOVELY so far. We DID do the Live Satellite Link-Up with Steve Lamacq's show on Wednesday which was FRIGHTENING in its techinical complexity but worked out, i think, pretty well in the end. Mrs Hewitt and The Wavelength Of My Radio Signal have just left us after being here for two GRATE days - this morning we even clambered up Arthur's Seat: NO tourist avenue untravelled!

We've had some good reviews, in Three Weeks and The Herald and also seen some GRATE stuff - Mark Watson last night was GRATE, the Ian Dury show was BRILL and The War Of The Worlds was... er... interesting. Tonight we're off to see Richard Herring after our show, then tomorrow I'm on the Upper Stage on the Royal Mile at 3.30pm, doing the final show at six, and then that's it: Edinburgh DONE!

As I say, FULL REPORTS coming by the weekend - stand by for FACT!

posted 8/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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