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Afternoon all - one last mini-update before i upload the VAST SWATHES of BLOG that have been backing up this week. Last night Mr Hewitt and I went out for a BIG NIGHT OUT.

It was LARGE.

We saw THREE shows, drank SEVERAL beers, and ended up CLUBBING. That's right: CLUBBING. I got home at THREE! A! M! and Steve got back even LATER! WHOO! ROCK AND ROLL! OH YEAH!

Today we are both very very very tired indeed. I'm off to do the last show in a few minutes but, in all honesty, I would much rather just go and have a bit of a nap. This dancing business seems to have become a lot more strenuous since last I did it.

In other news we had a happy trip to the recycling point this morning to get rid of several thousand flyers that, it turns out, we didn't need, and had a NON BINDING discussion about doing "DINOSAUR PLANET" some time. And watched a LOT of Olympic Swimming.

Right then, best go and do the SHOW - stand by for a HUGE information upload!

posted 9/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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