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Blog: Edinburgh: Day Two

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Our second day at Europe's Largest Culture Festival started off with an extended bout of The Flintstones, followed by a trip to Sainsbury's. Our fridge now looks FULL, and after a slap-up feed so did WE, so we eschewed the bus and WALKED into town in order to burn off a couple of much-enjoyed calories.

We nipped in to the Pleasance Dome to try and buy tickets for later but found a MASSIVE queue, so instead had a chat to Mr Ben Moor (whose show is "Amazing ... it fried my brain": S Hewitt) then went in for a bit of flyering. To our delight we came upon people delivering the new weekly edition of Three Weeks, which was to have an interview with ME in it. Indeed it did, and Steve got a bit excited and started waving it around, saying to the people delivering it (and several others over the course of the day) "Look! It's him!" I, of course, was the picture of restraint.

Edinburgh, for some reason,is REALLY BUSY with people on pavements this week (can't think why) so it took us AGES to get to the Royal Mile, where I was due on at 15.10 for some BUSKING. We got there at 15.07, rather disappointing some people who were wanting to NAB my spot. I tuned up, leapt aboard, and did THIS:
  • Red & White Sockets
  • The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • Easily Impressed
  • Boom Shake The Room

  • It was a LOT of fun. I don't think it will have done us a huge amount of Commercial Good but I really enjoyed it, especially when a small baby was brought to the front of the stage, DANCING in his pushchair, also when Steve came to the front to demonstrate how do The Indie Kid. I was a bit worried about wearing my voice out (it is a DELICATE INSTRUMENT) so we immediately made for the PUB, in the company of Mr Alex Thomson,for some MEDICATION.

    One healing draft later we headed back to Medina to check our emails then to the Underbelly to meet one of Steve's pals. I demonstrated the difference between Theatre (everyone else) and ROCK (us) by Crossing The Road Illegally. GUITAR SOLO! Things got more INSANE and KRAZY shortly afterwards when we found we were sitting in the wrong bar... so carried our beers into a bar where a) we hadn't bought them and b) glass wasn't allowed. BRING THE NOIZE! Shortly afterwards a LACKEY of The Man spotted our bottles and confiscated them but by then it was too late: THE KIDZ 1, THE MAN NIL.

    Steve went off for further flyering, I went and got set up, and soon we were ready for SHOWTIME. We had FOUR people turn up - Steve's friend Keith, Mr Ben Moor, a reviewer from The Evening Herald and Darryl who, we eventually worked out, I'd met before when we went on the tour of Down Street Station. There do appear to be only 30 people in Edinburgh.

    I decided to do the show Totally Acoustically and had a WHALE of a time - there were still a couple of mistakes but I was MUCH more relaxed and REALLY enjoyed it. Due to the stage lighting I kept forgetting that I WASN'T playing to a packed stadiumr, so it was a bit disconcerting to hear only four people clapping at the end of every song, but otherwise it was BRILL

    We stood around having a bit of a chat after the show was over, then a BAND came in to set up for later on...who Keith knew. Only thirty people: FACT. We then wandered off to a VERY nice pub for a DELICIOUS pint of Ossian (LOVELY), then to a CHIPPY for a CHIPPY TEA and finally back to The Pleasance Courtyard to see some SHOWS. Yes, after 48 hours I FINALLY went to see something - first Josie Long (really good, I can see why so many people LOVE her so) then Doktor Coca Cola McDonalds, who was ACE. Afterwards he seemed to think it hadn't gone too well but I had a MASSIVE grin on my face. HOORAH!

    We hopped into the taxi and headed home, getting in just after midnight for a cuppa and a nightcap. Another busy day of CULTURE, DONE!

    posted 10/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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