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A number of items for general consumption today, let's GO!

ITEM! I've just put a NEW SONG, (theme from) Dinosaur Planet up. As the annotations explain, it's an idea for a THEME for a FILM VERSION, also maybe a STAGE version sometime. Warning: includes sounds of action violence and sustained PERIL.

ITEM! Entries for the Djing competition are CLOSED. The winner was Mr S Blower with Mr J Sheepwash in second place standby. It was HORRIBLE having to choose someone, when I put the competition in the newsletter I didn't think anyone would enter at ALL, so never expected the mental STRAIN of it all. Next time: EVERYBODY wins!

ITEM! Listening to This Is Not A Library on the MyPod yesterday reminded me that I really OUGHT to sort out a proper re-release at some point. Not YET - i think the world has suffered ENOUGH albums from me this year, and we've got Album Project Four to finish off - but maybe next year some time. I also NOTE that we've nearly sold out of BOTH the singles that went with it, Milk & Baubles and Shed Anthems so am STRONGLY considering releasing them alongside it as a DOUBLE CD. Watch The SKIES for more news in the months to come...

ITEM! Talking of SOLD OUT albums, look at this! A Million Ukeleles on Ebay - I wish I'd written down who got what catalogue number!

ITEM! And finally, last but the LEAST least thing ever: please join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to Mr Tim Pattison as he passes a MIGHTY MILESTONE today. CONGRATULATIONS TIM!

The strange thing is, when we first met, I'm sure he was only a couple of years old than me, but now he appears to be AT LEAST ten. How can this be?

posted 5/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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