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Blog: Back Back In The Midlands

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Myself and The Clock In My Clocktower headed NORTH on Saturday, as we were off to WOODHOUSE EAVES via Leicester for the 40th Birthday of my esteemed colleague Mr T Pattison. The aforesaid Pitch In My Walkers' Stadium had booked us into The Holiday Inn, which was DOUBLE BRILLO as it meant that our stay in Leicester was BOOKENDED by loads and loads of loafing around in the POOL, JACUZZI and STEAM ROOM that they have there. FANTASTIC!

We got a taxi and went to pick up The Tiger from his LAIR in Newfoundpool. I was quite impressed by the way the drive got us to Tom's house despite me claiming he lived in a street he hasn't lived in for eight years, tho SLIGHTLY LESS impressed when we discovered later that he had somewhat overcharged us. Oh well - it did at least make the taxi HOME feel cheaper!

The do was in the village's school hall, and it was GRATE. There was DRINK, there was people I'd not seen for YEARS, there was DANCING, there was chat, there was DANCING and then there was even more DANCING. The BEST bit of the whole evening, for me at least, was when Tim got on the DECKS and played Do The Indie Kid and EVERYBODY got up and started dancing. All right, I know this was POSSIBLY just because everyone realised it featured TIM on it, but still, it was FANTASTIC, especiallly when a few GROOVERS started doing the clapping bits. Yes yes, it was just me, Tim and Tom, but STILL. I was also relieved to find we got through The Music Of The Future unscathed.

After MORE dancing it was suddenly MIDNIGHT and the room had to be CLEARED. Demonstrating our collective maturity, the entire ASSEMBLAGE transformed, on a simple WORD from Mrs E Pattison, from drunken ravers into a CRACK Room Clearance Squad, and within LITERALLY five minutes the hall was ready for assembly on Monday. IMPRESSIVE!

We headed home and to BED, getting up earlier than one might have expected in order to a) BREAKFAST and b) get some more SPA in. We dashed across town to catch the train for Market Harborough, where we HOPPED OFF for a day trip to Great Bowden... or, rather, GRATE Bowden. GRATE Bowden is LOVELY - we went to an ACE pub (it has TWO!) for DELICIOUS beer, saw some DELIGHTFUL houses, CHECKED OUT the shops, village hall, church, footpaths, and DOGS, and had an all round BRILLIANT jaunt. We went for a look because we've been talking VAGUELY about MAYBE buying a house there POSSIBLY in a few years time when prices are LOW, just because it's HANDY for all sorts of places. It was a KOO KOO KRAZY idea when discussed over the tea plates, but actually BEING there made us both feel KEEN!

Full of the joys of The Midlands, then, we headed home, where I discovered I was KNACKERED. Dancing + Countryside = BLISTERS!

posted 8/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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