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The Performing Pattisons were in the studio last night, recording Emma's backing vocals for "Glory Days" and then, as I understand it, some vocals on the remaining album tracks. It's very nice having Tim officially in charge of PRODUCTION, as it means I don't have to spend MILLIONS travelling to Derby just so's I can sit reading last month's EMPIRE Magazine, occasionally saying "Yes, that was good". It does feel a bit weird knowing it's happening but not being there, although GRATE when you get Update Phone Calls at 10pm to say the session goes WELL. Perhaps this is what they called EXECUTIVE PRODUCING? Album Credits HO!

It does mean we are once again edging CLOSER to finishing the album though. Last week I discussed with Tim the idea of recording a couple MORE songs, largely because I'd been listening to This Is Not A Library and wanted it to be like THAT i.e. LONG. Tim WISELY pointed out that we had ENOUGH songs, and though he agreed that making it like This Is Not A Library was not a BAD thing, we could do this more effectively in the Production Stage.

I think what he meant was "We're not spending another year trying to learn a couple more songs, I want to get on with the bit where we overdub trumpets, tambourines and stylophones", and he was CORRECT. I'm actually getting quite excited at the prospect of doing this bit I must say, the final SHEEN of overdubs is always the MOST PHONE, and I think they're going to be quite a lot of them this time - there's LOADS of bits and bobs on the single version of Do The Indie Kid, for instance, and I think we're all quite keen on trying to get that going throughout the new album. I'm actually VAGUELY considering having a couple of months OFF from doing gigs at the start of the next year so's I can concentrate on finishing and releasing said album... although my resolve will probably weaken the INSTANT someone offers me a gig.

In other news, and remaining on a Pattison Tip, as I was making my daily visit to the Gideon Coe page to Listen Again (I'm STILL listening to the show in the mornings, A POX on you, 6Music Management!) I noticed that TONIGHT they'll be playing session tracks by "obscure Peel Faves Prolapse". HOORAH! If you're not coming along to Totally Acoustic tonight I would suggest tuning in, otherwise I'll see you tomorrow for the Listening Again!

posted 16/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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