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Afternoon all, you find me a) relaxed b) very slightly tanned c) not exactly READY to go back to work tomorrow, for LO! I am BACK from our HOLIDAYS! Me and The Water In My Pool had a LOVELY week in downtown Majorca where we actually managed not to do TOO much, spending a lot of time LOLLING about either near a pool or in our apartment, though we DID manage to go on a BIG bike ride one day. On the way there I thought "This is like being a KID again! Flying along without a care in the world on an adventure into FUN!" On the way back it LASHED it down with rain, which was ALSO like being a kid on a bike again!

It was all GRATE tho, and we both returned ready for what feels like a new TERM full of THRILLZ and escapades. As we speak I am getting my new pencil case ready, wondering why my new jumper itches, and especially looking forward to seeing my pals again. Let's ROCK!

posted 28/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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