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Has there ever been a more GRATE Quality Of Life Enhancement Device than the BBC Radio Listen Again feature? Not only does it allow me to listen to Gideon Coe at the CORRECT time every morning and avoid Fcuking Awful George Lamb (although I would have quite liked to have heard this cretinous interview with Ray Davies live, if only for the bit where Mr Davies spells out "FUCK OFF" when asked a PARTICULARLY stupid question), but it also means I can Listen Again whenever WE get played on the radio on shows after my bedtime, like for instance on Huw Stephens last night. COOL!

It ALSO means I can listen to Mr Charlie Flowers of The Fighting Cocks being FRANKLY GRATE on Tuesday's Nihal Show on the Asian Network. He's on in the last hour and is BRILLIANT - i doubt ANYONE in ANY band has ever made saying "allow me to read you the exact verse from The Koran" sound SO UNBELIEVABLY COOL! Charlie may carry on like he is some sort of ROCK ANIMAL OF PUNK or something, but if The Controller Of BBC1 tuned in I am sure that next time there's a vacancy for the post of Statesmanlike Commentator: Matters Philosophical it will be FILLED by a Fighting Cock.

I too will be appearing on BBC Radio this evening, on "Gobstopper" on BBC Tees at about nine o'clock. It will be VERY similar to Charlie's DEBATE - where he discussed Islamic groups, religious theory, feminism in music and the cultural implications of fashion in relation to all of the above, I shall be talking about... er... conkers. It's pretty much EXACTLY the same thing!

posted 2/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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