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Blog: The Merry-Go-Round Of ROCK

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It's all movement in my personal itinerary at the moment, as the gigs they come and the gigs they GO.

The big change is the "mini-tour" of My Exciting Life In ROCK which is coming up in a few weeks. Last week I got confirmation that I was definitely playing in Stockton-on-Tees on the 26th, and also that I would be doing TWO gigs at this year's Fuzztival on the 25th, My Exciting Life In ROCK at 3pm and a more normal (probably more "refreshed") set at 9pm. Added to the already booked gig in Liverpool in November, this looked to me like a TOUR!

THUS yesterday I wrote up a PRESS RELEASE for this tour, GLIDING over the fact that, as mini-tours go, this one was MINI to the MAX, and was going to send it out tonight (NB please don't think I have somehow accumulated a huge PR department - what all this means is that I gave a copy to The Spelling In My Grammar to CHECk today, and then will be emailing it this evening). However, I just found out that we're going to have to RESCHEDULE the Liverpool gig for next year now, which is a bit of a shame but DOES make life SIGNIFICANTLY easier for that weekend, as I can now just go to Nottingham for the FANTASTIC Lee Rosy's all-dayer (Frankie Machine! Lardpony! Pocketbooks! Me! Pete Green! Milky Wimpshake! Gregory Webster! Phil Wilson! The Bobby McGee's! It's my entire year of GIGS in ONE!) and maybe, just maybe, have a little drinkie too.

This does rather make the mini-tour EVEN MORE MINI, so the Press Release is probably going to change to "touring starts", as there are vague ideas to go and do some more in the new year. But fear not, as The Gods Of ROCK take away so also they GIVE, and I've just got me another gig, conveniently on the same day and in the same PLACE as a gig I was already playing! It's on October 19th, when I'm now playing a full set (at 4pm) at Bowl & Sebastian, to go along with the GUEST SPOT I was already doing with The All Star Band in the evening. I'm well chuffed about this as it gives me an excuse to relearn some Belle & Sebastian covers, though SLIGHTLY WORRIED that it might mean a repeat of what happened LAST time I was at a Pop-Art All-Dayer and tried to do a song at the end of the evening. But that can't happen again, can it?

posted 7/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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