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Blog: Yesterday Once More

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I've just been looking through the Blog Archives for 2004, in preparation for the NEXT batch of entries for My Exciting Life In ROCK. I like to do myself a LIST of what's to come, and having just gotten to the end of the last one it was time for MORE, and it's always, for me, quite interesting to do, especially as I always seem to find GIGS that aren't listed on the gigs we did in the past page. I missed off TWO at the end of 2004 - I could understand missing out the one at The Frisbee Society, as it was the LOWPOINT of the Hibbett/MacClure DUO, but I'd also missed the time we did The Advent Calendar Of FACT at the BBC. Blimey, was that nearly four years ago? Don't time fly eh?

Around that time I was thoroughly enjoying watching The Shed Of Reknown fill up, as people purchased Shed Anthems. And NOW I am happy to report that the WELL OF SHEDS has almost run dry. We've had a few purchases of it just lately which means that there's only THREE left now. THREE! Now, I know I said a while ago that we're planning to include this on a BONUS DISC with Milk And Baubles if/when we finally get round to re-releasing This Is Not A Library BUT!


There's an UNLISTED track on the end of Shed Anthems which will NOT be included on this re-release. Actually, there's ALSO an unlisted track on the end of Milk And Baubles which we'll not be including either, as they're both cover versions. The latter is a song i do PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TIME, the former is one by Mr M B Mathers that I've only done live once or twice as there's SO many words.

There may come a day when I've got FAR too much money so decide to lose some it by releasing a COVERS album but, my friends, that day is SOME WAY OFF, so if you would like to OWN them i would suggest some PANIC BUYING! There's only about 15 copies of Milk And Baubles left too, let's all make like the stock market. PAAAAANIIIIIICCC!!!!

posted 14/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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