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I spent quite a good deal of yesterday feeling sorry for myself, at one point thinking "I wish I had a song I needed to write, I could do THAT today." The only thing I had on my Songs To Write: URGENT list was to get a song written for "Dinosaur Planet", so I could play it at Totally Acoustic tonight, and I'd already DONE that on Saturday. The song is called The Night I Denied Myself To Comedy and concerns my previous experience of Dinosaur-based Fringe ACTION. It turned out pretty good, and I'll be trying it out this evening!

Anyway, I was just logging off at about 8pm, ready to make TEA, when an email popped into my inbox from John The Publisher, seeing if I could write a CHRISTMAS SONG for John Lewis (NB John Lewis haven't asked ME to write a song or anything, it's just a general call for a specific TYPE of Christmas song to go with an advert). "Yes", I thought, "I can do that", and sat down to DO so.

I got most of the instrumentation done last night and chopped it all up into LOOPS, then got up early this morning to finish it off, adding Traditional Christmas BELLS and LOADS of vocals. It was only when I was MIXING it that I realised that, in the unlikely event that they picked MY song, I would be fulfilling the destiny of ALL people from Peterborough: working for John Lewis. I've already WORKED for Pearl Assurance, so if this comes off all I'll need to do is work for Thomas Cook and I would have been employed by all THREE major Peterborough companies!

I was really pleased with how it came out, though I'm not it'll be what they're after. It'd be GRATE if it was though - John Lewis is The Greeting In My Card's FAVOURITE shop, household CRED would go through the ROOF!

posted 21/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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