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Blog: Dinosaur Planet Moves Closer

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I've been trying not to Officially Think it for fear of JINXING, but I think I can now come out and say that, yes, the race is practically decided and the winner can be predicted without fear of contradiction come the big day in the future when we'll know for sure either way:

It looks like I'm going to do "Dinosaur Planet", NOT "As Seen On The Interweb" for the next SHOW at Edinburgh. What? What did you think I was talking about?

For a while I thought "As Seen On The Interweb" would be the THING to do, as I could sing along with videos and stuff, but the fact that that would take a LOT of effort to sort out eventually turned me off. Also, of course, doing "Dinosaur Planet" means we can buy loads of PLASTIC DINOSAURS!

And with that in mind I'd like to announce the opening of! WHOO! OK, there's not really anything THERE at the moment (and if you're looking at this just after I've typed it it might not even be working properly yet - in which case go here instead) and it'll be a while before anything PROPER does appear, but I HAVE bought the domain name COOL, huh?

And yes, the level of SPECIAL EFFECTS seen on the webpage is PRECISELY the level you can expect from the final EXTRAVAGANZA!

posted 23/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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