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Blog: Delegation's What You Need

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It's not for me to say really, but I'm sure OTHERS would tell you that the mark of a GRATE LEADER is his ability to DELEGATE, to trust others who he has carefully CHOSEN, and to NURTURE their inherent inabilities. I'm not SAYING I'm surely the best qualified person to lead our great nation to victory - that, as stated, is for OTHERS to remark.

The reason I even MENTION it is that there's been a lot of ACTION this week undertaken by Validators. For instance, THE TIGER has been working hard as our LIAISON/REPREZENTATIVE with The Leicester Comedy Festival. Unlike certain other people (not a million miles from this very keyboard), Tom not only managed to SPEAK to organisers of one of Leicester's festivals, he actually went to MEET them and came out SMILING. If all goes to plan it looks like next year we'll be taking part in the OFFICIAL Leicester Comedy Festival (and not just, as was my bravest target, playing in another venue at the same time, grimacing), playing not one but TWO nights at The Criterion, one of the nicest and certainly BEERIEST pubs in town. HOORAH!

Meanwhile Produce Pattison has been back in the studio again, this time to PRE-PENULTIMIX some tracks for the next album. This is a process we've recently agreed to - we've done PENULTIMIXES for the last couple of things we've released, when whoever's in charge gets everything mixed and then holds it up for criticism from everyone else. THIS time we thought we'd do PRE-PENULTIMIXES, doing reasonable versions of everything we've done so far, so we can all work out what ELSE needs doing before we go for a PENULTIMIX. It seemed like _quite_ a good idea when we discussed it, but it's turned out to be a GRATE one! He's going back in soon to finish it all off, but so far I have an almost complete copy of the next album on my MyPod and it sounds BRILL - it's actually SURPRISINGLY poppy and, as several people have complained on hearing the last two singles, rather POLISHED - and that's even BEFORE we stick the stylophone and trumpets on it.

I say "surprising" as Tim is, of course, One Of The Most Important Punks In The Country and you'd EXPECT him to record the album by putting a tape recorder vaguely near one of our gigs and MAYBE remembering to turn it on. Why, I remember him BAULKING at the very IDEA that we might use a LOOP on a song, but these days he's cutting and pasting vocals and time correcting rhythm tracks with GAY ABANDON.

Hopefully the results of Tim's efforts will be available shortly after the results of Tom's - that is, of course, in the UNLIKELY event that I am NOT called to tackle the economic recession as the leader of a new unitary government. And with SKILLZ like this, surely it can't be long?

posted 24/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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Oooh. I like the Criterion. Do they still do pizza? Oooh!
posted 25/10/2008 by Pete Green

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