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Blog: Tom Waits Is Easy

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I spent a DELIGHTFUL hour this morning HOWLING at the top of my lungs like a BLUESMAN with his toe stuck in the tap, as I tried a Decidedly Different approach to writing one of these Songs For Adverts that I've been doing lately. Usually, of course, I am DETERMINED to sing songs in my OWN voice, as I think that is Important. However, for something that I am doing IN PRAISE OF MAMMON I don't think there's any need to worry so much, and had a FINE old post-breakfast BELLOW.

My neighbour, however, may not have enjoyed it so much. Still, he DRUMS at 3am, so that, i think, is THE KARMA.

In other news I'm just getting the newsletter ready for tomorrow (featuring EXCITING MOUSTACHE NEWS), playing in Gipsy Hill tonight (which nobody seems to know where it is) and am just about to sit down and write the ONE HUNDREDTH episode of the My Exciting Life In ROCK blog. I'll probably go on about this more next week, when Episode 100 will actually go LIVE, but blimey - 100 stories of ROCK? Who knew even _I_ could go on and on about gigs for quite so long?

posted 30/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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