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Blog: I Shall Be Released

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It seems like YEARS since the idea of Be True To Your School, the Fortuna Pop! 'Best Of' was first MOOTED... and that's because it WAS years. It was meant to be released back in 2005, when they reached their 50th release, but it somehow never happened, until NOW! It's available ... er... in shops, I guess, but also on iTunes, tho I'd HEARTILY suggest tracking down a CD version, as it has FANTASTIC sleevenotes. I sat and read through them laughing away, also thinking "YES! I remember that, i was THERE!" If you WEREN'T there ("there" usually meaning Upstairs At The Garage, for some reason) it's still dead good, and features my very first single, Work's All Right (if it's a proper job) from the Work Is A 4 Letter Word EP

And talking of things that I'd almost, but not quite, forgotten about - a while ago I wrote an ARTICLE for Maps Magazine, which appears in their latest edition which is OUT NOW. I think it used to be a print magazine but has now, wisely, gone ALL ONLINE. My article is, hopefully, the first of a series called "The Latest Review" where I'll be reviewing gigs I went to YEARS ago. Yes, I realised that i can't JUST write about gigs I DID, so am now writing about ones I WENT to as well! The first one's about Belle & Sebastian in Glasgow, and is a story that, I'm sure, EVERYONE who knows me and many who don't have heard me bring out whenever I am DRUNK. It's a good story!

posted 4/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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