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ITEM! I got a rather exciting package in the post yesterday, five copies of the rather fantastic new compilation "That's How I Feel" from those Krazy Kolonials at Stereorrific Recordings. It's a compilation celebrating their 10th Anniversary with ARTISTES recording cover versions of their favourite songs from the Stereorrific catalogue, and the very first song is my "interpretation" of "Saddle Up" by The Weisstronauts. The whole album is GRATE - when I know how to get hold of it, i shall pass the information on!

ITEM! The other week I got an email from Mr R Harbron in THUNDER BAY, Canada, asking for the chords to We Only Ever Meet In Church. "Chords" is rather overstating the case, as the way I play it it's just D throughout! He worked it out slightly differently and has done a LOVELY version of it, which he performed at the weekend in a local cafe. Thanks to the power of the MIGHTY INTERWEB you can see it HERE... Tho you might need to be logged in to facebook to do so. It's LOVELY!

ITEM! Finally, there's more pictures of my ongoing SPONSORED MOUSTACHE GROW over on my justgiving page. A couple of people asked about it at the weekend, so if you'd like to sponsor me please do so, it's starting to look PROPER now!

posted 18/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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It won't let me see that video, do I have to be his facebook buddy? Am I not yours? I will go look.
posted 18/11/2008 by Pauly

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