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Blog: Going Postal

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I had a jolly morning and lunchtime yesterday finishing off the MAILOUT for the Christmas single - getting stamps, sticking envelopes, posting letters and then HO! for the Secret BBC Window near Broadcasting House where you can send stuff to BBC types. And that's that - today I EMAILED most of the intended recipients to let them know it was on the way, and now all that's left to do is sit back and see if anyone plays it.

Well, all right, there's a bit more to it than that - I've got to finish the video off yet, and then put it up, let everyone know when the single's available, and RE-LEARN the song so's we can do it at gigs, but really the hard work's all done. And to be honest, it wasn't really all that difficult. As time's gone by releasing singles has got MUCh easier as we've found good places to manufacture them for us and I've got used to the publicity side, but I must say this has been the easiest of the LOT. The fact that it's a song we recorded and mixed AGES ago certainly helped, but most of all it being a DOWNLOAD ONLY has been a BOON. It's so easy doing it this way, though it also takes a bit of the EXCITEMENT off it, as there's no real physical product to have SHELVES full of.

Still, I guess I'll always have the Do The Indie Kid seven inches ... and by that I mean I'll ALWAYS have them... unless there's a terrible accident with a SKIP in the new year...

posted 25/11/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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The poor (and Do The Indie Kid) are always with us. We're doing the opposite of you - a physical Christmas single with laboriously handmade packaging that we aren't recording the lead track for until this weekend, about a week and a day before it is "released". It comes with a booklet of stories, though.

Can't wait to see the video.
posted 25/11/2008 by Penny

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