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Blog: I Got You What You Want For Christmas

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It's starting to look a little bit Christmassy round here isn't it? I've just spent a happy hour or so doing some updating to the website, ready for the release of The Advent Calendar Of FACT on Monday, including the rejig to the main site and some further updates to the Releases pages. I particularly enjoyed Googling Be True To Your School and finding all SORTS of nice reviews!

And in the continuing festive spirit, it's my turn to appear on the Maps Magazine Advent Calendar today. Go and click on number 6 and you'll find a BRAND NEW Christmas Song, "I Got You What You Want For Christmas", for FREE! It's Christmassy to the MAX!

posted 6/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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It bloody is, you know. Love the Christmassy version of the site. It's easier to read, too - bonus!
posted 7/12/2008 by Penny

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