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Blog: Penultimixed!

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Tim, Rob and Tom were back in the studio AGANE last night, to continue the final batch of overdubs and bits of mixing on the album. I awoke this morning to find an email from Producer Pattison saying they'd FINISHED - the album is now fully PENULTIMIXED!

For those not AU FAIX with STUDIO LINGO (especially studio lingo that we have made up ourselves) this means that, as far as we know, all the songs are now completely finished AND mixed. They're called PENULTIMIXES, rather than just MIXES, however because there now follows a period of several weeks when we shall LISTEN to them before reconvening for one FINAL session during which any errors can be corrected, additions can be added and improvements can be ... er.. MADE. The current plan is to do this sometime in January and then, if time allows, MASTER the whole thing (including SEGUES! Yes, there will be SEGUES - HOOPLA!) and then go out to celebrate in the traditional Validators Manner, with CURRY.

If THAT all happens on time it'll mean sending it all off for manufacturing at the start of February, which in turn will mean a release date in April and, hopefully, TOURING later that month or in early May, depending on commitments to ROCK, ROLL and, more importanly, SCHOOL HOLIDAYS and BABYSITTING.

It's all rather exciting though isn't it? The next job is for me to get the BOOKLET sorted out (there's going to be a BOOKLET - ZANG!) which'll hopefully get done over Christmas, and then we're into the long SLOG of manufacturing, posting copies out, arranging gigs and all that. It's going to be worth it tho, it sounds BLOODY GRATE!

posted 16/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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