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Blog: Transferable Skills

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A lifetime in ROCK will bring you MANY transferable skills. The obvious ones are things like setting up PA systems, Sound Mixing, Poster/Cover Design, and moving hundreds of large cumbersome objects up and down stairwells and into the back of an Austin Allegro. Less obvious, but understandable, are skills like Understanding How Printing Works (CMYK and so forth), Dealing With Manufacturers, Writing Press Releases and, if you're lucky, Project Management.

However, every now and then you find yourself doing something in ROCK that you never in your LIFE expected you'd end up doing, and today was a day when this happened. For LO! I spent most of this snowy Sunday morning proof-reading a CROSSWORD PUZZLE. How on earth did it come to this? Surely Sunday mornings in ROCK should only exist as an extension of Saturday NIGHTS, and involve night club, Jack Daniels, supermodels and Motorbikes? Surely it should NOT involve me PORING over the consistency of the use of ELIPSIS?

It's all in aid of the Multimedia Extras coming on the next album which, as I'm sure I've mentioned, is mostly going to be tied up in VLADFACTS MAGAZINE, the only OFFICIAL source of Validators Information. Tim has spent much of these week valiantly COMPILING the aforesaid crossword for this very publication, which is why I spent much of last night trying to solve it and today correcting it. I think we might have to make it a PRIZE crossword, it really is rather hard - I thought it was anyway, and most of it's about songs what I WROTE!

posted 1/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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