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Blog: This Is How Skynet Got Started

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It was all set to be a big day of excitement yesterday as myself and The Summit On My Mountain made our FINAL ASCENT on completion of the new album. I received the final items to go into VLADFACTS (the only OFFICIAL Validators news magazine) and was working through the PROOFING amendments that The Red Ink In My Biro had spotted. Once those were completed she had a FINAL FINAL look, and found a few more issues which i RESOLVED, and that was THAT. I then did some very very tiny re-jigs to the artwork (to make everything SHARP), burnt an artwork CD for the manufacturers, wrote them a nice letter (having paid a DEPOSIT on Friday, meaning it's all DEFINITELY HAPPENING) and settled down to the last little job - making a mixed mode CD containing the music AND the multimedia extras.

NGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! AAAAAAARGHHHH!!!! GGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Has ANYTHING, EVER been as FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING as trying to burn mixed bloody mode bloody CDs? Answer: NO IT HASN'T. HOURS i spent trying to do it, HOURS - first trying to see if Nero Essentials (version that came with my computer) would allow me to sort it out. NO: apparently IT'S NOT ESSENTIAL ENOUGH. Next, does any other program on my computer allow it? NO IT DOESN'T. But surely my old version of Nero has it? Yes, but that is INCOMPATIBLE WITH VISTA, apparently. Several attempts at FUDGING it I managed to get it working, to find it left two second GAPS in it. YEARS of STRUGGLE later I managed to get rid of THOSE (and do bare in mind that every ATTEMPT means about 20 minutes of opening an closing, ratifying files, giving them names, entering data to see if it'll register on our stereo in the kitchen etc) to get myself a mixed mode CD with no gaps between the carefully segued tracks... BUT HUGE GREAT BIG CLICKING NOISES INSTEAD.

DEATH TO COMPUTERS! By this point my hair was standing up on my hair SO MUCH it was actually making a bid for the CEILING and ACTUALLY FLAMES were emerging from my nostrils, so The Hot Water In My Cuppa suggested that maybe I should leave it and have a bath before I exploded and left bits of Hibbett, still WRITHING WITH RAGE, all over the house.

I concurred, and today have Mr F A Machine and Mr R Newman, both of Derby, working on the problem for me. This DELAYS the commencement of manufacturing by an AGONISING couple of days, but will at least mean I will still be in vaguely human shape when we go on tour, rather than a big of angry pulsing CHUNKS OF PERSON in a bin bag.

I thought computers were meant to be more EASY these days? Or is that more SIMPLE?

posted 16/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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