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Blog: The Long Slow Slog To Perfection

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According to my ROCK CHART I should today be LOLLING AROUND, relaxed and relieved, having sent the album off to the manufacturers on Monday. This is not the case.

After my gentle hints yesterday at being slightly upset by difficulties in burning mixed mode CDs I did some further investigation and worked out what was going on. In order to eliminate all the clicks between songs I needed to copy the CDs as "Disk At Once" rather than "Track at once". Next time I do this somebody PLEASE remind me as it will save me hours, also several GALLONS of GRECIAN 2000. I was very very happily listening to the CD in the kitchen last night, MARVELLING at the way CDTEXT was WORKING and bringing up all the song titles. Happiness reigned.

This morning I thought I'd best have one final check, concentrating on the segues and noticed that some of the gaps were a little short. Specifically at the end of "side one" and "side two", when there's supposed to be quite large silent gaps, there AREN'T. Either there had been official GAPS between songs for those ones OR Nero had decided they were unnecessary and WIPED them off.

I was calm and collected, NOTHING was thrown around the house FOUL LANGUAGE was not uttered and precisely NO yelps of AGONY were heard to disturb the elderly cats nearby. I simply packed up and went to work, safe in the knowledge I could try again tonight.

In order to make sure I had done SOMETHING today I popped to my local print shop to get the BOOKLETS done. These are the A5 SONGBOOKS which will come free with the first hundred or so bought direct from this website, and very VERY nice they look too. I've spent a LOT of time working on them, as indeed has The Text Of My Letter, who spent several hours over the weekend proofreading them. I ALSO went through them again and again, making sure everything was exactly right, and it was with some satisfaction that I got back to work to gently flip through it.

Then I noticed: Chapter 7, "Red Black Gold" is followed by Chapter 7, "My Boss Was In An Indie Band." AAAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHHH!!!!! The Chapter numbers are HUGE and I hadn't noticed UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!

One quick phone call later and it's all FINE, and now that TOO is postponed until tomorrow. One day, my friends, ONE DAY we will get this thing FINISHED. Just not today!

posted 17/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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