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Blog: Going Up West

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The Script Of My Show and I headed UP WEST on Saturday night, to London's Glittering West End to go and see THE SOUND OF MUSIC. My parents had got tickets for it and, as they couldn't go, asked if we'd like them. In all honesty I was slightly dubious about it - a West End show? I mean, YES, clearly if it'd been a minimalist PIECE confronted Western actions in the Middle East through four hours of mime and shrieking then OF COURSE I'd be first in the queue, but The Sound Of Music, at The London Palladium?

It was BRILL. It's AGES since I've been to the THEATRE, largely because I've tended to find it a bit boring and, frankly, not as good as telly, but this was GRATE. It's proper plays, it turns out, that annoy me because they pretend it's all REALLY but - and I'm sure BRECHT would back me up here - you don't get that in musicals, it's self-evidently not really and also, VITALLY, it's got loads of GRATE SONGS in it.

Ooh, I did enjoy it. I didn't get SWEPT UP to the extent that I started CLAPPING ALONG WITH EVERYTHING like some people did, but we had a FINE old time. Musicals! YEAH!

Next day I met the aforesaid parents to say thank you, listened to them have a FRANK DEBATE about The Effects Of British Colonialism With Special Focus On Rhodesia/Zimbabwe (it got quite heated) then went to meet Mr Simon Wilkinson for a BEER. We were off to BALHAM to see a BBC Recording of an Arthur Smith programme, which I was rather looking forward to. The fact that almost the entire rail/tube network for London was SWITCHED OFF didn't really help (instead of closing ALL the lines on a Sunday, why not get all the engineering teams to concentrate on ONE at a time, and get it done quicker? YOU CAN HAVE THAT ONE FOR FREE BORIS) but we DID get there at 6.45, as directed to by the BBC... to find they weren't checking tickets until 7.30, at which point there was a MASSIVE queue of people stood next to the whiffy toilets. This queue had started not long after we'd got there, so rather than stand outside said whiffy toilets we had a BEER and decided, actually, it was all a bit annoying. We'd just been discussing how GRATE it is when, as a grown-up, you think "NO! I'm not putting up with this, I'm OFF!" and thus fuelled by righteousness, also BEER, we decided HANG IT! and headed BACK into town where we had MORE beer, toasted our DEFINITIVE ACTION!

That's TWO BBC shows I've had tickets for and BOYCOTTED in the past few weeks. Maybe I should just stop applying for them?

posted 23/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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