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Blog: A Grand Day Out

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I went to a MEETING yesterday about doing some PR for the new album - it was all very nice, although I was a bit SCARED about entering the meeting venue as it was an EXTREMELY posh Restaurant/Bar. There were THREE posh ladies (THREE!) working in the reception area (reception area!) and I did rather get the impression I was not the sort of individual who frequented their workspace on a regular basis.

It was thus a relief to be back on familiar territory later in the evening when I met my brother Mr Thomas "Tom" Smith for BEER in a PUB. PHEW! We then LEAPT onto the tube to head to LEYTON where the mighty Posh (aka THE BLUE BRAZIL) we playing Leyton "The O's" Orient. I'd already been for a LOOK a few weeks ago to CASE THE JOINT and so our entry into the ground was EASY.

As was much of the first half. HA! It was all rather STRAAANGE to be honest, I am used to going to see Posh and witnessing one team being hopelessly out-classed by another who have at least a modicum of idea about how to play The Football, but it's never usually Posh who are doing the Out-Classing. It was all rather brilliant, and even the TERRIBLE weather (it was FREEEZING, also WET) didn't dampen the excitement.

Neither did the APPALLING referee, tho BLIMEY, I know I don't really know ANYTHING about The Football, but I do at least know how HAND BALL works. The clue is in the name. As ever when i go to The Football I spent the first twenty minutes or so singing along and clapping etc. rather self-consciously, looking round me thinking "Oh how jolly, we are singing 'Posh We Are' and it's all SUPER". Come the second half I suddenly find myself STANDING UP, POINTING at various items screaming "FAAAAACKING HEEELLLL! WHAAAAT?!?!" looking DISGUSTED and then, shortly afterwards, APPLAUDING A SAVE with the air of someone who has a clue what he's on about. It's GRATE.

The second half was LESS GRATE but still, it was A Crucial Win At This Point In The Season (also Leyton's Home Form Is Disappointing and other HITS from the programme) and we DID have our traditional Coffee at half time (tho no Kit Kats! BOO!). We retired to the nearby Birkbeck afterwards, a pub I'd walked past LOADS of times but never been in - it was like a PROPER BOOZER out of EASTENDERS, but with ALE! HOORAH!

posted 4/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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