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Blog: Will The Transferable Skill Set Never Be Exhausted?

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Just when you think your CV has been BLESSED enough by Work Experience in The Krazy World Of ROCK, The Krazy World Of ROCK turns round and gives you even MORE Transferable Skills.

For instance, last night (and part of this morning) I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours making a TELEVISION ADVERT for our new album. Now, before anyone thinks I've gone SPENDING MAD - which, in many ways, I HAVE, but not THAT much - do not be alarmed, we're NOT going to be putting the advert on Actual Television or anything. Well, not unless... NO! BE QUIET BRANE! We're NOT!

No, but we ARE going to be doing one for the popular video download site You-Tube. The idea was SUGGESTED to me on Saturday night by A Friend Of The Band, who offered to do the voiceover for us - this sounded GRATE but, I thought, what was the point of us having a television advert if we couldn't put it on telly? It was only yesterday, when noted percussionist Mr T Pattison said "It'd be GRATE on YouTube!" that I realised that, AHA, that was the PLAN!

Thus I have now fashioned the first, 58 second long, version of what will hopefully be a 40 second KNOCKOUT BLOW. And I have to confess, it does look really rather good - you know those old "And now, from RONCO!" adverts? It's a bit like THAT, with LOTS of spinning album sleeves, things ZOOMING in from the distance and an abundance of SLIDING. It also features the phrase "HIT after HIT after HIT" AND, at the very end, an actual real-life bona fide JOKE! HOOPLA!

I must say I am rather pleased with it so far, it actually looks like something that people might want to SEE. I'm also quite excited about the idea that, if this looks good, it might actually SAVE me a whole lot of work. As I may have mentioned before, we're going to offer Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid as a free download single (available from and our myspace) from April 27, and I was planning to do a VIDOE to go with it. We filmed several BITS for this video in Derby on Saturday, but it now strikes me that, if the ADVERT looks good then it would make a LOT more sense to just release THAT on the 27th to accompany it, rather than doing a whole other video at the same time that would DISTRACT from it.

And also, on a VERY MINOR NOTE, doing that would mean I could actually spend EASTER watching telly and talking to people instead! ZANG!

We'll see how it goes anyway - if the video passes muster with The Validators I'll be sending it to our Voiceover ARTISTE later in the week and then, if he likes it, editting the whole thing shortly afterwards. It's all feels jolly exciting tho - hardly anyone's even HEARD the album yet, and ALREADY the Strange And Daft Adventures are beginning. HOOPLA!

posted 24/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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