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Blog: Through The Secret Window

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Very exciting events this morning, as myself and The Stamp On My Letter headed to the POST OFFICE. On the way we stopped at a couple of post boxes on Leytonstone High Road to post batches of the final promo mailout for the new album - I always like to post big batches in several different post boxes, just in case one of them CATCHES FIRE or something, and also to - OK A BIT SUPERSTITIOUSLY - say "Good Luck" to each individual enevelope as it heads off on its mission.

At the post office we sent off the first (well, hopefully just the first) batch of CDs to The Distributor then posted the final batch of promo CDs. Usually at this point I get EXTREMELY EXCITED as I realise that THAT'S IT, but this time the feeling was slightly muted. "Why is that?" I wondered... the PANICKED! The big bag of BBC CDS! ARGH! Where were they?!?

They were in The Groceries In My Shopping Backet's SHOLLEY, of course - I took the bag and we said our fond farewells, her to A Local Supermarket (week off), me into London's Fashionable West End, where I had one final DROP to make, at The Secret BBC Window.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before - it's WINDOW in a car park just near Broadcasting House where you can save TONS in postage by handing in all your BBC envelopes. I'm not sure if you can send ALL BBC post through here - I've never risked, say, a CD for for BBC Bristol here - but even just posting your 6Music, Radio 1, 2 and - BELIEVE IT - 4 post here saves a whole HEAP of stamps. It IS a bit strange tho, as there's no signage or anything. The only way you know it's definitely a BBC Secret Window is by the LANYARDS.

I handed in my packages to a Polite(ish) Young Man who sorted through them to check that they were all OK, and then I said cheerio, turned around, and INSTANTLY found myself having to suppress the urge to GIGGLE like a LOONIE. Aha! HERE was the RUSH OF EXCITEMENT! HERE was the sudden realisation that (nearly) all the Hard Work was now DONE - there's some webpage updating to do, quite a lot of emails and various sundry other bits and bats, but The Visit To The Secret Window is a HUGE milestone on the road towards ACTUALLY GETTING PEOPLE TO HEAR THE ALBUM! After THREE YEARS of writing, practicing, recording, mixing, mastering, designing, researching, press-release writing, negotiation and PAYING FOR STUFF it's FINALLY time to think about what songs we're going to play ON TOUR! HOORAH!

And best of all, the next week, when all is usually at its MOST quiet, before whatever's going to happen starts happening, is EASTER! EASTER! The holiday for grown-ups! One of the BEST THINGS about working for a University! SIX DAYS OFF WORK! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZANG!!!

posted 6/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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