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Blog: Announcements Announced

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While everything's a bit slow, let's have a couple of Well Timed Announcements, shall we? The first is a FESTIVAL DATE, my presence at which was Officially Announced last night - sing HOOPLA, for LO! I am playing at this year's Indietracks Festival. This year it'll be just me on my own playing on The Train on Sunday. Last year we did the big premiere of My Exciting Life In ROCK, this year may feature some snippets of Dinosaur Planet... or, to be honest, by that point in the proceedings it may just be me saying "SHHH! I'm feeling poorly" and trying to go to sleep. ROCK AND ROLL!

Even MORE ROCK than that is the fact that we have a FULLY CONFIRMED TOUR all sorted out and ready to go with the release of Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez. Here's those dates in FULL:
Saturday 9 May - The Fly, London (album launch)

Friday 22 May - Mother's Ruin, Bristol
Saturday 23 May - The Criterion, Leicester
Sunday 24 May - The Wilmington Arms, London
Monday 25 May - The Packhorse, Leeds
Tuesday 26 May - The Stockroom, Sheffield

Saturday 13 June - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Looks pretty PROPER doesn't it? These are ALL full band gigs, some of which will involve us beadling around in a VAN, and one of which, in Leicester, occurs slap bang in the middle of a BEER FESTIVAl. ZANG!

There's also quite a few other gigs around there, including the Fuzz Club BBQ in Sheffield on the first May Bank Holiday anda trip to Brighton for the final (for now) performance of My Exciting Life In ROCK, all listed over on the GIGS PAGE. It's going to be a SUMMER OF ROCK!

posted 7/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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