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Blog: Happy Easter Comrades

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Isn't Easter GRATE? A nice big long weekend when all you really have to do is MOOCH AROUND, possibly drinking BEER, possibly eating CHOCOLATE, generally NOT going to work. Unless you have to, of course, but very much NOT if you happen to work in The University Sector where we get an extra TWO WHOLE DAYS either side. Thanks, The Baby Jesus!

We've been making the most of it at this end - on Thursday The Soles Of My Shoes and I went for a MASSIVE HIKE across The Chilterns, walking from Princes Risborough to Wendover. It was a) GRATE b) KNACKERING, and the well-earned pints we had along the way were EXTREMELY well earned.

On Friday we went a-visiting, going to see my parents and also Peterborough United - like most people there I enjoyed the first half IMMENSELY, thinking "This is BRILL - I've spent YEARS visiting London Road every year or so and leaving ANGRY and DISAPPOINTED, but now they are GRATE!" An hour or so later, after a POOR goal from Lowly Cheltenham/cock-up from our goalkeeper, the old feelings were present and correct once more. NOOO!!

And now we're back home and I've got THREE WHOLE DAYS during which I am making with The Preparations. There's SO much going on over the next few weeks that I thought I'd best get on an get as ready for it as I can do, THUS this morning I have BOOKED and/or CHECKED TIMES for most of my forthcoming travels and accomodation needs, which was VERY satisfying. I'm now building up to a re-design of the AAS website, finishing some songs for Dinosaur Planet (and doing a first draft of the poster), recording a Jonathan Richman song for a compilation, and doing some Rock Admin (general). All GARLANDED with quite a bit of watching telly and the aforementioned MOOCHING.

Hopefully this will ready me for whatever happens as we start the build-up to the release of the new album, which, hopefully again, will include a few more reviews as nice as THIS rather lovely one in this weekend's Morning Star. Thanks, comrades!

posted 12/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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