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Blog: Monsters From The Ego

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This will doubtless come as a terrific shock to anybody who knows me, but I do sometimes labour under something of a ROCK STAR EGO. Hard to believe, I know.

Only on rare occasions does this break out into the wild showing its full glorious plumage - my most cherished memories of this where on the WE VALIDATE! TOUR, when, in Brixton, i FLOUNCED out of the venue OUTRAGED that my sore throat was not BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY ENOUGH by everybody else... and promptly got lost. The next day in Leicester I kept accidently stealing other people's drinks from the bar, naturally assuming that ALL BEER WAS FRO ME.

It does, however, have other manifestations and these past couple of days have seen at least TWO. On Wednesday morning, when the new album was first on sale and SALES were WHOOSHING through my inbox the ROCK STAR EGO was in its ELEMENT, DELIGHTING in the fact that people actually WANTED the album - this was especially GRATE for me as I'd spent the previous week thinking "BUt what if nobody wants it?"

As ever with the ROCK STAR EGO, however, it wasn't long before things turned around, and I started to WORRY. We've had a couple of really nice reviews so far and a few radio plays, but only from a very small percentage of people I've sent copies out to. Now, the LOGICAL BRANE tells me that the album isn't even OUT for a fortnight yet, and of COURSE people are probably waiting until nearer the time to publish and/or play, but unfortunately LOGICAL BRANE is then drowned out by ROCK STAR EGO who says "But what if everybody HATES IT?!? What if THAT'S the reason? DOOM! FEAR! AGONY! Bring me fifteen chihuahau and some orange smarties NOW!"

This happens EVERY time we put a new record out, and every time it happens I chant my mantra of "this happens EVERY time we put a new record out", and eventually more things toddle around and I wonder what I was ever worried about... until the NEXT time when I think "what if this time is DIFFERENT?"

Usually at this point I would say "I bet this never happens to Bruce Springsteen/Morrissey/Madonna" but I think perhaps it DOES. They may not have to lick their own stamps or buy their own envelopes, but i bet they have a right old panic at this point TOO. I hope so anyway!

posted 24/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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