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Blog: At Last, The Bad Review

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Well, not that bad, but bare with me... whenEVER we release an album the first review we get is pretty much ALWAYS a bad one. I was a bit confused this time to have a couple of PLEASANT ones, and also ALARMED that there'd been so few so far. CLEARLY everyone else had been politely waiting for the Bad Or At Least Slightly Arsey Review!

And here it is!

Usually I am able to happily DISMISS The First Bad Review because a) it's stupid and b) they spell my name wrong, but annoyingly this one doesn't fall into EITHER category. He does conflate Hey Hey 16K with later 6Music plays and is incorrect about EVERY song having the title repeated in it (alhough there IS only one exception) but otherwise for the most part I guess it's fair enough, if a little GEEKOPHOBIC.

Except for, that is, "you couldn't create an album with less female appeal than this if you'd tried" - believe, if I tried I could be a LOT less appealing!

posted 27/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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