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Blog: I Don't Even LOOK Like Miley Cyrus

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The tranquility of yesterday evening was ROCKED somewhat when I got TWO messages from a Mr Hobson of Warrington. The first ENRAGED me - he'd been FLEECED by The Post Office for extra postage on the delivery of his copy of the new album even though IT WAS PERFECTLY PROPERLY STAMPED. Ooh, it ANNOYS me when that happened - it's basically BLACKMAIL, as they have chosen to take a DISLIKE to your package and there's nothing you can do except COUGH UP. GRR!

The next message, however, was more ALARMING. He had placed the CD in his CD player and had heard NOT the gentle lilting sounds of The Validators but rather the NOISY ROCK AND ROLL of HANNAH MONTANA!


PANIC! I know that sometimes there can be a mix up at CD Pressing Plants, but I've had a couple of hundred CDs listened to so far without this problem - could it be only certain boxes? And if so, would I need to go through ALL of them to check? DOOM!

I emailed the Pressing Plant to check and, BLESS them, they RANG not half an hour later, EXCITED, AFEARED, but also CALMING, to say that this would definitely be a one-off, not to worry, and that they were VERY SORRY. I was much relieved, and also THANKFUL to have a pressing plant who would be so bothered as to ring up long after working hours had finished, they are DEAD good.

I've sent off a replacement CD (which i CHECKED!) to Mr Hobson with MANY apologies (sorry!) for his multiple problems and hopefully nobody else will be affected. Although, I can't help wondering, does this mean that, somewhere in the world, a pre-teen pop fan is getting a sudden, very unexpected, introduction to the world of OLD SKOOL INDIE?

posted 30/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Hello Mark
My parcel also had an extra postage charge on it but my postman had obviously missed this (or is a fan - you never know) and popped it through my letterbox without trying to collect it. Result eh?
Having listened to the cd loads of times I can honestly say that it is BRILLIANT. Well done to you and the rest of the Validators.

Paul Reaney
posted 1/5/2009 by lairdofdarkness

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