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In all the years we've been doing this I've always had a STERN REPLY to anyone who asks us if we're just a Comedy Rock Band... and yet nobody has ever, to our faces, in print or online, as far as a I'm aware, ever said we WERE a Comedy Rock Band.

Until now!

It's a little HARSH and very much the Being Funny Is Not A Good Thing sort of review I'd sort of expect from Proper Rock Criticism but, actually, in other ways it's sort of all right and I'd guess anybody who LIKES the sort of things it compares us too would be at least interested - and hey! if that's you reading this now, WILKOMMEN! Also, "the songs are as wise as they are poignant" would sound pretty good on a press release!

To be honest I was hoping for more GUSHING, as it's only been done because the album's the 6Music Album Of The Day on Thursday (did I mention that already? I did? I WILL DO SO AGAIN) but then I guess this is the sort of thing that happens when you emerge blinking and staggering into the big wide world of The Mainstream, asking for opinions. It's all quite exciting really!

And now: time for the BIG SHOP in preparation for The Validators staying over tonight. If you're coming to the Album Launch tonight at The Fly (or if you'd like to - FACT here), then I'll see you later!

posted 9/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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