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Blog: Day Of Dynamism

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Yesterday found The Mattress On My Bed and I up and about INCREDIBLY early, also EXCITED, to go and visit The Museum Of Fire. When we arrived the chap on the desk was telling a colleague how incredibly busy the day had been, so we thought it must be RAMMED, were soon collected by Keith, one of the two chaps in charge who was going to give us a guided tour.

He was GRATE, the whole Museum was GRATE, it was just GRATE. For the next hour and a quarter we strolled around with him talking us through all the equipment, the history of the Fire Brigade in Edinburgh and in general, telling us how all their devices were devised and how things had changed over the years, commenting on the policy differences with regards to display between him and his colleague (who was escorting another couple round the building, the only other people we saw in there) and generally being ACE. We left feeling a bit giggly with the brilliance of it all, massive GRINS plastered over our faces.

We then had a FORCED MARCH across town in order to catch Four Sad Faces, the TROUPE who Steve and I had got up EARLY in the RAIN to see last year and missed because it'd been their day off. This time we DID see them and it was very funny, but the funniness was distracted by us thinking how lovely it was. The crowd seemed to be mostly split between Old Friends of theirs (they seemed to my jaded eyes to have all just left school) and PARENTS. When it finished the chap near us turned round and said to a LAD "Ah, Justin! How's University?" and he had to suddenly become POLITE. AAAH!! Apart from that it was jolly good, my favourite ASPECT being the way they did scene changes with a FLIP CHART which had different drawings on it. CLEVER.

Another STOMP up and down hills found us back home, via Ye Olde Vegetarian Shoppe round the corner which appeared to be recreation of such a shop from round about 1991 - no Linda McCartney, no junk food, just three or four dour looking incredibly expensive packets of dry stuff and some homemade hummus. The hummus was NICE.

Then we headed to the station, to say a sad farewell to The Wheels On My Engine as she was off back to That London. Once the waving was down I proceeded to get LOST as I staggered around New Town, eventually finding The Hewitts in The Outhouse, where we saw Mr Matt Brierley's show T-Rex: Pack Hunter. It was very good indeed, funny but also Actually Rather Interesting. It was sort of Dave Gorman-y and very likeable, especially the graphics and the FILM in the middle. I recommend it to you!

MORE lengthy walking got us back to our HOOD for a bit of flyering and then it was SHOWTIME again. It felt like a while since we'd done one but I consciously SLOWED DOWN a bit and I think it was the most PRECISELY WORDED one so far, even though I did get a bit distracted halfway through by various bits of people coming in and the bar guy changing some sound settings. People seemed to enjoy it tho, especially some (i think) German people who asked if i was a SCIENTIST. NOT OFFICIALLY. The only person who didn't seem THAT keen was, inevitably, the reviewer from The Herald, the same guy who saw us last year, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The rest of the evening was a bit of a jolly old wander round some PUBS where I caught bits of football and had several lengthy Pub Conversations before reaching home for a Late Tea of CHIPS. A BUSY BUSY day all round really, and now well over half way through!

posted 13/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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