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It appears that some of our songs are now available on Spotify - I think this is probably Quite Exciting, but to be honest I'm not really sure how it works. Spotify is so far turning out to be the MILESTONE in my Road Of Technology that says "GO NO FURTHER". I sailed through Myspace, Facebook and even twitter, I spent many happy days lodging in iPod Town, but Spotify appears to be a step too far. It is the metaphorical New Video Player that I am never going to work out how to use, and will probably have to find a Neighbour's Son to come round and re-set the clock on for me.

But if you're NOT befuddled by the advance of THE FUTURE then I mention this in order that you can have a LOOK. I'm informed that not all the albums are there - when I first put our stuff up for digital uploads I did it via the marvellous people at CD Baby (and only stopped because, being in the US of A, it took AGES to get stuff to them for uploading) and I do vaguely recall an email from them saying they'd done a deal with Spotify, so I guess it's those albums that've got on, not the more recent ones.

It's all very modern anyway and I'd love to investigate further, but the kids next door have just kicked their ball into my yard AGAIN, and I've got to go out and stab it with my garden fork. WHY I OUGHTA!

posted 27/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Dear Grandad

Spotify is great, it's like itunes, but with almost all the songs ever on it and you can listen to them for nothing (you get an advert about every five or six songs). i think it's great.
posted 28/8/2009 by CarsmileSteve

It's got Lesson of the Smiths, Warriors of Nanpantan and Not a Library. It seems like an ad-powered streaming iTunes.
I wonder if you'll see any royalties from this. Christ knows how the economics of this thing work. I've been made to listen to that guy from the Fast Show who does the Jazz Club sketch talk to me about national express coaches (twice!), and I'm informed that Kasabian have an album out. I figure you're owed something (but I'm guessing you won't be paying off the mortgage with Spotify anytime soon).
posted 28/8/2009 by Mickey H

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