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I went to a gig last night - NOT one I was even PLAYING for a change - and had a LOVELY time. The primary reason was that I'd gone to see Mr G Gargan (aka Former Utopia) and Lazaras Clamp (feat. Mr T "The Tiger" McClure), both of whom were excellent. George played to a very appreciative crowd who'd sat down, the better to listen to his WISDOM, while The Clamp (as they are known to... er... the kids?) did a lovely surprising set of non-usual and NEW songs brought about by the fact that Huw The Drummer had had to call in sick. It sounded GRATE, like an "Anthology" version, tho maybe that's just because I've been listening to "Beatles Anthology 3" this week.

It was GRATE, but made even more so by a number of additional factors. It was in The Luminaire, a VERY nice venue made all the nicer this time by the free availability of bottled ACTUAL BEER. This seems to be a very slowly growing trend, one i fully (and financially) support, where bars that used to just do bottled LAGER are gradually realising that some people would like ACTUAL BEER and are prepared to pay for it. Brains SA in this case, and very nice it was too.

Due to lack of drummer The Clamp had switched places in the running order, going on straight after George, which mean that I only spent about 90 minutes in the actual venue. This was GOOD because, lovely as it is, it's a long way home and I didn't really fancy the look of the other bands, although I did enjoy standing around looking at their FANS. Has the "Look Like Jesus" LOOK come into fashion while I was paying even less attention than usual? There were a LOT of Jesuses (Jesii?) around, especially rocking the Jesus Of Shoreditch look. "The Lord Sayeth, make thine glasses really big and funny colours, and sport thee a girl scarf when thou wilt."

So yes, I was happy to FLEE, but not before I heard a song i knew come over the PA system - somebody played It Only Works Because You're Here! I acted all COOL, like, and pretended to Tom like it happens ALL THE TIME, but inside I was going "ZANG!" also "WHOO!" It sounded GRATE too!

And then I managed to OVERGROUND it all the way home, cutting a neat 25 minutes off the time it'd take to tube it - all in all and EXCELLENT evening out!

posted 1/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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