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You know those ADVERTS that i sort of vaguely nearly got involved with a month or so ago? They've really started PROPERLY now - I keep trying to persuade myself to be upset about the HUGE piles of CA$H I missed out on, but all i can think about it how RELIEVED i am that it DIDN'T happen, especially that I never got TESTED by being officially offered it. At this moment in an alternate universe there's a me being filmed by Advert Types thinking "HELP ME! AAAAAARGGGHHH!!!"

HOWEVER I'm not here to talk about that - although if you'd like me to please ACCOST me when next you see me out and I will happily do so at length - rather to do some advertising that I can VERY MUCH get behind.

Mr T Pattison has alerted me to the publication of a book called Death To Trad Rock by Mr J Robb. It's a series of articles about important bands from the post-punk scene, defined as 1982-1987. It includes some GRATE bands from round then, not least The June Brides, as well as some that, as well as some GRATE bands that... well, as far as I'm aware, WEREN'T around then, like Sarandon and Prolapse!

I haven't read the book, but I guess they're there as the LEGACY of post-punk, and can certainly see how you'd argue that with the magnificent Sarandon as well as The Lapse (as we, THE KIDS, used to call them).

I HAVE read the chapter on Prolapse tho, and it is FAB - Tim was good enough to scan it and send it to me, and I soon realised why! Like EVERYTHING EVER written about Prolapse most of it is about Linda and Scottish, but for once ANOTHER member of the band gets almost as much attention. The first hint comes when they're described as "a metronomic krautrock beat played by a monster drummer".

"Metronomic"? I thought Tim used to drum for them? AHA! Yes, the first page is basically a MASSIVE LOVE-IN for the MONSTER DRUMMER. "I remember being blown away by the power of Tim Pattison's drums" he says. "It was almost as if the drums didn't need miking up because Pattison was so brutal and concise at hitting the damn things" John Robb, are you trying to COP OFF with my drummer or something?

It is, of course, DELIGHTFUL also FULLY WARRANTED - it IS a bit annoying how much the mighty BAND part of Prolapse were ignored by feckless journalists who couldn't see past the Charismatic Lead Singers and so GRATE that someone as WISE as Mr Robb can see past it, at least in part, to the POWERHOUSE RHYTHM SECTION. There's also a compilation album coming out which will feature my favourite Prolapse song "Psychotic Now" which, ASTONISHINGLY, has not been out on CD before! I think i will GET me some of that - altogether now, "My father was the victim of a potato peeler, my ma went the same way at the tender age of " - everybody! - "FIFTY NINE!"

posted 18/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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