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Blog: Release Day!

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HOORAH! It's finally here, RELEASE DAY for our new single My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once!

To be honest, in all practical ways, not much is occurring - I've just sent an email out to Media Types, but otherwise all is QUIET so far. People on the mailing list could buy it last week (and DID - thanks everyone!) so there's only a few physical CDs left. We ARE doing a couple of gigs, but not for a few days yet, so all there is for me to do is sit around and wait and see if anything comes in...

It's also my first day back at work since all the poorliness abated, so there's several bits and bobs to get sorted out here. All in all I'm FAIRLY sure it was a bit more exciting the day they releassed "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields", and those videos don't even have any GAGS!

posted 19/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Now that Chez Lester has restarted, imagine Dinosaur Planet as an episode.
posted 19/10/2009 by Jon Pennycook

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