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Blog: Era Handover

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Last night I did pretty much the VERY LAST THING for the Grand Campaign of Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez, a joint interview with Mr Phil Wilson for Bob Fischer's show on BBC Tees.

The idea was that we were talking about the My Boss Was In An Indie Band single, which was of course part-inspired by Mr Wilson, but I seemed to spend most of my time talking about HOLIDAY STEW (i.e. whatever you can get your hands on in the local supermarket whilst on holiday abroad, made into a stew) which we'd just had as a Special Treat for out tea. Phil, ever the consumate professional, talked a bit more sensibly than me about the TRUTH or otherwise of the song, his proper job post-June Brides, and other former ROCK types who'd followed the same path. It was all very jolly and, as ever, over much too soon.

And then that was that - pretty much the final SCENE in the promotion of the new single which itself was the final ACT in the great long process of releasing and trying to get people to by its parent album, a process which began several YEARS ago now when we started recording it! Along the way we've had various tours, three videos (FOUR if you count the download of Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid... Which I don't think anybody did, really) FOUR videos, a tour and a couple of hundred gigs! GOLLY!

Now we find ourselves in a delightful calm INTERIM OASIS. There's a few more gigs to do this year - not least our TOUR OF (bits of) GERMANY - but otherwise everything is now aligning itself to the cause of Dinosaur Planet. I've just booked the next rehearsal and recording session and am starting to think, not too LOUDLY in case THE FATES hear me doing so, that maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to get it finished before next Summer, in time to do some gigs and then take it, revamped and revitalised, to Edinburgh again. That would be GRATE!

posted 28/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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